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What is: User identification?

Posted on:June 4, 2023 at 03:57 AM

User identification refers to the process of uniquely identifying individuals within a system or platform. In the context of WordPress or any online platform, user identification involves assigning a unique identifier to each user to distinguish them from others. This identifier is used for various purposes, including authentication, authorization and personalization.

User identification is typically achieved through attributes such as a username, email address, or a combination of both. When a user registers or creates an account, they provide certain information that allows the system to assign them a unique identification. This identification is then used to associate the user with their actions, preferences and permissions within the platform.

The primary goal of user identification is to ensure that each user has a distinct identity within the system - enabling personalized experiences, secure access control and targeted interactions. It helps in differentiating users, managing their accounts, tracking their activities and providing a personalized, tailored user experience.

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