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Let's Talk Marketing: Beyond Quick Wins and Lasting Impact

The rise of online solopreneurs demands ethical marketing in a noisy world. Exploitative tactics for quick wins miss the mark. True marketing builds genuine connections and offers real solutions, fostering positive change for both customers and society. Choose to be a marketer who matters. Make the right choice.

By Wasseem Khayrattee, who is a Chief Content Editor

This article has been Published on: February 14, 2024 at 02:23 PM ·  and was  Last updated: February 14, 2024 at 02:23 PM

2024++, we are witnessing an increasing number of product and services online. Covid might well have played a catalyst in the emergence of solopreneurs, creators and makers.

One thing they all have in common: they need to “market” their stuffs to the world.

In our current amplified noisy world, the manner in which we choose to advertise or promote something communicates a lot about us, our values and our intentions.

The below quoted message from Malte on linkedin1 is an example of tactics that grab attention for the quick win.

Rejection Letters Gimmicks

It made me think: are they really truly serving a purpose?

Bad (exploitative?) marketers focus on immediate gains, using whatever means necessary. I labeled them “bad” not out of malice but because they miss the essence of true marketing. “Good” (ethical?) marketers seek real change without using gimmicks.

Good marketers strive to genuinely help others - creating genuine connections, understanding deep-seated needs and offering solutions that truly matter.

These are the rare gems that see “beyond transactions” and understand the urge & need of the transformative power of serving others.

When I see so many bad marketers around, I question where this failure comes from.

Sure, the fast dollar lane is making many of those “bad” marketers millionaires. Their black-hat approach works. It works very well for them. May be not for the customer - some of them might not even notice they were deceived.

We know this mindset cannot be changed. It all comes down to: What path will we choose?

Do we aspire to be marketers who matter?

It’s all about choices. Make the right one!


  1. I recommend the insightful slides from Malte Landwehr on LinkedIn here.

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